Power/Strength Endurance

There are so many ways to train and styles of strength endurance. My favorite at the moment is 1:1 intervals.

Here’s is all the moves of a 30+minute strength endurance workout compressed into 1 minute. I am doing an interval strength endurance session. 1 minute of moves 45 seconds of rest, 6 rounds, 10 minute rest between sets, for 3 sets.

What’s important to me in this style of session is that I never really get super pumped. I rotate between different styles of movement. Big moves off small feet, small holds with big feet, high feet, and crunchy positions, fully controlled movements with no momentum, and so on.

What I love about this session is I can get started right away and just warm up in the first round. It’s a great quick strength endurance session that can be done in under 40mins.

Some ways I progress these sessions:
-move type and difficulty
-number of sets
-length of time on
-length of rests

*This workout was progressed from a 1:1 (60:60) ratio to a slightly harder 60:45 ratio


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This is wild. So do you just do this as your whole session then?

Yep, this is the whole session. Most of the time I do this it’s the AM session, and then I have a PM session at my climbing gym and have more “fun”.

Whoa! Double sessions. That’s pretty cool.

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Yea, I am also a big fan of short AM strength sessions and climbing-based PM sessions.