Pregnancy beta

Looking for some beta on navigating pregnancy. My partner is 4 months in and we’re wondering about safety of belaying.

We were considering a body harness style but are also finding them very difficult to find.

Welcoming any other beta for cragging or safe gym climbing while expecting.

Thank in advance!

No guarantees here, but I’ve got friends who recently had a baby and don’t need their body harness any more… frankly I’m not sure they still have it. Where are you located?

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Augusta Georgia

I’ll find out if my friends still have the full body harness! We’re in BC so might be a little pricey to mail.

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Full body harness was definitely the way we went. My partner loved hers (to the point that she almost didn’t want to use a regular harness post partum).

They’re not too pricey, and seem to be worth it if you find the right fit. My partner could lead belay me up until about 7 months before things got uncomfortable.

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