Question on the climb more routes ebook - up down up and projects

I have done a couple of bouldering programs from power company using the app. I recently bought the just climb more routes ebook and it is great so far but I do have a few questions.

I have primarily been going to the gym doing the phase 1 route endurance workout on auto belay, for the past few weeks. Definitely seeing increase in my endurance already. My questions as I look ahead in the book are:

  1. What does an Up Down Up project look like? I assume that means a route of appropriate difficulty so you can climb it, down climb, then climb back up - no rest. It should be moderately difficult but not so hard you are flamed and done for the day. Is that right?

  2. When doing climb more laps, how hard should they be? I assume as difficult as possible with mostly being able to complete the reps? Perhaps fall near the top?

  3. What does a route mini project on auto belay 2-4 attempts look like? Auto belay makes it kind of difficult I would say. How long of rest between attempts?

I am definitely making progress. I am far improved from a year ago when I started using some of the Power Company resources, so looking to just keep going., Any help appreciated. Thanks.

well I found this video which shows me the UDU UDU (Up, Down, Up) Project - YouTube

So my question would be, how much rest time between UDU attempts?

IIRC it programs 10 minute rest between attempts. If not, from doing other programs with PC, it seems like 10 minutes of rest would be good.


thanks, this is helpful and Iā€™d agree, 10 mins seems to be about right. Appreciate the reply.

@mrsmileyns with your ebook you have an exercise list that has video links and descriptions for every exercise that I believe answers all of these questions!

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thank you!!