Really focusing on how other people climb

Gotta gym proj. A stretch. A W1 bloque from a comp. (I completed intermediate).

This has afforded me the opportunity to really spend a lot of time watching others climb the bloques or climb on it…

I am not usually one for following “the beta”, this is new to me.

I spend a few minutes every session watching others climb on the bloques and often chat to them about how they went about it.

This has been edifying and eye opening. The intent to watch others , with the same critical eye I wield against m’sen. The much more volume of observation than normal. The much more critical eye. This has been a sort of skill development for me…

Today I successfully tried the popular beta through the crux and nailed it. A testament to my observations, tenacity and willingness to play with things in a way that I would not usually do…

In the surface it’s copying the group beta. Dig deeper and it occurs that when I am at my limit I select a solution that I am comfortable with or semi-comfy with. And that by trying the group beta I am adding breadth to my portfolio and depth to my comfort zone.

I have been spending more time this week simply watching others. The obeservwr remit is to compare to what I would do in that situation, mentally nite it and see when and we’re I can apply it. Often on the problem ai have just watched, sometime it’ll present me with an opportunity to do something different at a later date.

Enjoying the freshness it’s bringing to see of my climbing .

For now the focus is still on my project. Something that fills in the gaps between training at the gym which is not my phone and involves chatting. Two good aspects of this new aspect I am beginning to lean into.

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Love it. Too many people don’t watch other people climb. There are so many learning opportunities.

A fun game is to pull up a video of a comp, look at the boulder before the climber pulls on, and see if you can spot the successful beta before they attempt it. Nate and I actually considered trying to create some sort of app that does this.

Adding playfulness agrees with me and my vibe.

Perhaps because play is an easy environment without the consequences of practice or the weight.

I have opened my third eye to a Pandora’s box of climbey shit and it makes me laugh/cry with the sheer fun and enormity of it, even though it really doesn’t matter and yet it is vital.

Played the game yesterday in the gym.

Watching people brush off lines and try a work the beta.

The added Brucey Bonus is that for one of the bloques I havenae climbed it. Now I can with their beta in mind and do some compare and contrast.

Stoked, because I get to try a flash
Ooh er, because now I kindahave no idea which beta I wanna use , mine or theirs.
A good place for some practical play