Recording videos of yourself

Does anybody record videos of themselves while climbing? If so, do you find it useful? Would you watch the video in between attempts or when you get home?
This is mostly for indoor climbing, but it could be applied to outdoor too. Sports or boulders.



I find watching video between attempts to be more valuable than watching later.

I also get more out of video while bouldering vs route climbing .

while video is valuable, climbing is probably more valuable. It’s easy to waste valuable climbing time futzing around with your video.

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I used to film myself from time to time because I liked the idea of having a library of progress. Last year I started recording things for my youtube channel, and it got more structured.

Filming and watching yourself between attempts can be useful for technique, small beta changes or to realise glaring mistakes. I also feel that through time, by filming yourself and then watching it back, you get back at analysing as a skill and maybe you don’t need the videos as often.

Because of the youtube thing I often film a lot and don’t watch what I’ve done until after the session. This is very useful for bigger concepts, for instance to compare the effects of different tactics or strategies in different sessions. Or to track progress over time when you’re practising movement skills.

I think I record at least once every 2 weeks, and usually the filming has a goal (for instance to see how my breathing affects my movement).

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100% YES to filming!

I used to only film when I though I was close to sending, but recently I’ve started filming almost every attempt on hard for me problems. I find the learning invaluable for progress, but I also think as I see what is happening with my body I’m getting better at feeling it too.

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Absolutely- and its been huge for my limit bouldering. I’ll review footage and make really small adjustments based on foot placement, body position, etc and usually see immediate improvement on my next attempt.

I also find it helpful when I’m doing three strike attempts or just trying to repeat problems I did a long time ago to go back and review the send footage to see what i did right. I will admit this part would be harder if the instagram beta wasnt tied into the kilter app- i’m not dedicated enough to fully organize all my videos.

I know @Kris did an episode where they discussed this particular approach and how it is good- but also like most things, moderation can be important here- getting a video of every single thing you do is probably overkill- but i do think if you’re stuck and trying to progress on a boulder and you cant see what you might be doing wrong, video is a fantastic tool to help sort it out.

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Technical Question. What device/devices are best for recording. Just your phone? Is it worth getting a Go Pro?

Anybody use Fish Eye Lenses? Less of a problem for my I-phone, but my old video recorder was terrible and I would have to put the camera way way back from the boulder. Currently my space is constrained at home and its hard to get the whole wall in with the I phone.

Anybody have advice on a device to remote start videoing with your phone? Besides an Apple Watch cause, no…… just no.

I use my phone, and I have a moment wide angle lens that attaches to my case (also from moment) that helps with the small space.

If you aren’t publishing it though, you could easily get away with a cheaper lens.

I use the iphone and a cheap little phone stand on a step stool. I’ve got mine in the garage, so i can get far enough back.

In terms of how to start it- just start it and then set it up and edit it later. File size is rarely a problem these days with how most phones (especially the iphone) work.

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