Recovery Tracking Gadgets

Does anyone out there use recovery or sleep trackers (Whoop, Garmin etc.)or other forms of auto regulation to guide their training efforts?

One of my goals this year is to make sure my recovery is adequate to support hard training efforts.
I have recently started to collect recovery data with a new Garmin watch. It collects a lot of data about my sleep, resting heart rate, HRV and many other metrics.
So far it seems like sleep and HRV scores are the metrics that best reflect my ability to put out a hard effort. At the same, usually when these scores are good I also “feel good” so maybe these tools are not that helpful?

any thoughts?

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I use a whoop,

I find it definitely helps track those things as well, and it has allowed me to see which changes affect those things. Whoop has a great logging tool and shows you the data on how different choices you make such as using a weighted blanket when you last ate before bed. your nighttime routine, amount of protein, as well as water and other metrics like that, affect your recovery and sleep. That kind of data has helped me invest in myself to improve those things, which in turn improves recovery, which provides better feeling days overall.

I think it’s a great tool to learn how behaviors affect you and it can help you pinpoint things to make a conscious change for your own health.

I’ve been using a whoop for 2 years now and am a fan. I probably only adjust my training once or twice a month based on it, but I feel like it’s noticeably helped my recovery in two different ways.

  1. It’s made me more aware of what effects my sleep quality. I sleep 8 hours regardless of pretty much all factors, but my quality (and actual recovery) varies dramatically based on things like getting to bed at a regular time, caffeine in the evening, sugar or alcohol before bed (these two have the biggest negative effect on my sleeping from what I’ve seen).

  2. It gamifies recovery. Something about seeing that number each morning and often correlating low numbers to the bad habits I know I did has really helped me to be more consistent with good sleeping patterns. A lower score won’t make me cancel my session for the day, but it will make me double down on getting good sleep before my next hard session.

TLDR: I don’t let it guide my training. Instead, I use it to make myself more informed and consistent with recovering from workouts.

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