Rehearsing Boulders on TR

There are some boulders I would like to send, and I think the best tactic would be to rehearse moves on TR. They aren’t dangerous falls, but I don’t want to work a project bottom up if I don’t have to.

How do I set up a TR on a freestanding boulder with no bolt on top (and I’d rather not be ‘that person’ who adds a bolt)? Does anyone have videos or how-to’s they could point me towards?

Any available potential gear or trees or other big rocks nearby?

Potentially in some cases, but certainly not all. Maybe this is a case for a ladder?

I use ladders a fair amount, but always in situations where falling is ok. TR when falling while working out moves isn’t ok or I’d just rather not.

It’s pretty rare around here that there isn’t something to anchor to on the opposite side of the boulder or a crack of some kind on top that takes gear. Actually, I’ve never encountered it.

If I did though, I’d likely use the boulder itself as an anchor and run the rope over the back and down to the side I’m trying to climb. Be careful with abrasion on the rope if using a dynamic rope. It can happen very fast.

Alright, thanks! I’ll see what I can cook up.