Okay short story: I started setting regularly at a gym about a year ago ,so i’m not that experienced,but I get good feedback from customers, my „boss“ and other setters.Still, I nearly quit setting the last months because i was a bit pissed at plastic and the gym environment for various and obvious reasons (Yeah,i was wrong i know…)

Some of the latest discussions here and especially the Roy Quanstrom Podcast sparked a thought process and made some things i had problems with a bit clearer and now motivation is back.Even better i‘m starting to have an idea what setting shall be for me personally.

Now as i‘m in the process of digging deeper i‘m looking for setting related stuff(or even not setting related if you think it‘s worth it!) Would be nice if you‘d share your thoughts or sources!

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Here’s what we have tagged on our site for setting (though we are currently recategorizing and retagging all old posts because we haven’t done a good job of it).

I also believe that both our Boulder Builder and Coaching for Mastery courses would be great for setters. It might open up new ways of considering movement and setting for climbers, and new frameworks to use when thinking about it. There are a few of the Boulder Builder videos for free on Youtube (and in the posts above).

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Yeah i already thought about it but didn‘t have a close look yet!

Thx, i‘ll go theough these podcasts first!

I’ve enjoyed reading “My Keys to Route Setting” by Jacky Godoffe. Also listening to the “Routesetting Exposed” podcast


Yeah i was looking for that,but couldnt find a copy to buy:/