Salt lake bouldering project noob,

Gonna be jumping ship from the front to salt lake bp next week. I live in my van and spend as many as 7 days a week doing something at the gym, I train weekenights from 1800~ most weekenights with one day off and sometimes spend the weekends doing sessions.
I would love to find people to do board work with. Share the grind of a session and bounce energy . Social bouldering on volume days is also kinda fun.

HMU or come say hello in the gym. I am the old dood with an orange mohican.

I also do kettlebells at least once a week.

I’m moving to Salt Lake soon and was actually curious about the gym options there. I know The Front and Momentum are the big players in town. I’m curious why you’re leaving the Front. How’s the setting there? I sport climb mostly and boulder really just to train. Setting quality and climbing experience is really what I value.

I have some punches left over from another BP gym. Might use them there while I’m deciding on a gym to join. I’ll look out for you.

I have been at the front for about a year.
I had a session where the bloques felt stale samey. In a rash decision or masterstroke I went to the bouldering project.
In part the luxury of choice is something I have not had in climbing gyms in a good few years.
In part because going to SLBP for three months isn’t dissing the front, it’s making the most of new terrain, new setting aesthetic, new holds. I might even bounce to momentum next.
I only put in a rope once at the front to do a belay test. I boulder.
As a facility it is busy and excellent.
Does this help❓
The bloques that bored me we’re all the blue dot ones on the easier parts of the first bouldering wall you come to.
I loathed the front south main, terribly designed facility for training, very good for the beginner crowd.

Which gym did you choose? what were the deciding factors

Hey just replying here to keep the topic together in one thread.

I think we’re going to go with The Front. I liked Momentum. Didn’t get to sample the boulder setting, but the lead wall was amazing. We are about 5 min away from the South Main location. I liked the design but I haven’t spent a ton of time there. Maybe it will get old. The hangboards etc are up a bunch of stairs now that you mention it.