Scheduling Training/Outside Climbing

I have a favorable work schedule to climb outside on Friday-Saturday-Sunday, but working from 6am-5pm Monday-Thursday. Living in SLC I have some great access to rock nearby. Since moving to SLC in April I have been getting outside for these three days, then resting Monday and then either bouldering on Tuesday or Wednesday and resting on Thursday. I have seen good progress outside, and only keeping my bouldering in the same place. I think I need to devote more time to bouldering or bouldery routes(i.e. American Fork), to accomplish my goals. I have a few routes in mind I want to do, (Teardrop 13a, The Abyss 12c/d, Space Lord 12d, and Naked Knuckle 13a). Only done a few 12b’s to date, but over a dozen 12a’s this season(many 2nd or 3rd go).

Does anyone have suggestions on how to schedule time more effectively and/or what I could expect with the winter season approaching?