SLC Regular Partners

Any Salt Lake area folks here looking for partners for bouldering and/or sport? I’ll be arriving next weekend and spending most of the summer there, and potentially moving permanently later in the year pending a few life things.

I’m coming off of bouldering mode right now, but will be cautiously ramping up for sport while I nurse a pulley injury. I’m particularly stoked on American Fork in the coming months, as well as LCC boulders, but I’m of course open to suggestions from locals. First little bit will be getting familiar with the area while getting the finger healthy, then getting back into project mode.

I’m happy to partner up with anyone who has logistically compatible goals and is stoked to try hard, but for reference I’m currently projecting V8/9 and 12+/13- (a bit mismatched, I know :wink: - working on that).

Generally available after 3pm on weekdays and open on weekends.

Hit me up if you’re willing to show an area newbie around or just need an injured belayer!