Straight arm strength

Distinctly stronger at 90° or 125° elbow than straight. Been tested .

How do I train strength with arms straight❓

Note : when I carry things I keep my arms bent, straight arms mean the load is awkward to carry.

Depends on what you’re asking here. Fingers are stronger when arms are bent or arms are stronger when bent? Do we need stronger arms when straight or does it then become a grip issue?

I used to do EVERYTHING with bent arms, and absolutely struggled to be able to keep straight arms for movements. The active hang progressions (Kris put out a few videos on youtube for these) helped a lot. I also did things like Planche progressions which helped. Though I was doing those for their own sake. I don’t know if they would be 100% applicable to climbing, but I did feel like getting more straight arm strength helped me have more movement options as a climber. Making sure to do lifts through a full range of motion to where your elbow goes straight is a good idea too.

I do not know.
The reason for this question is that my climbing has flarey elbows.
Alongside focusing on keeping my elbows straighter I am investigating a strength element.

Should I see how a block of skills training (elbow focused and about 8-12 sessions of practice) works out before I look at any imagined or perceived strength deficit.

So you mean chicken winging? I think this comes from a lack of shoulder stability.
At least in my case it is i think. I‘m also stronger with bent elbows, and when hangboarding with fully straight(still engaged) arms i feel my fingers open as soon as my shoulder opens.

Did you try training with arms straight? I mean when hangboarding,probably you‘ll loose some pounds added weight,but gain more usable ROM.(shouldn‘t sound too sarcastic,but probably does,sorry for that😅)

If it needs to be some special exercises you could try something like Partial ROM Pullups but i wouldn‘t do that…

I typically hang with activated shoulders (done a lot of work training scrap strength shrugs both one arm and two arm and over a year of protocols designed to strengthen shoulders.

The last two months I have not done any hanging, only pulling and my hanging with weight figure has gone up.

The critique was that I am hitting holds with a bent arm. Also that I do some readjusting which needs the arm.

The skills drills I am doing are warm ups with a focus on keeping the shoulders in and not readjusting. I have a good warm up protocol whereby adding a skill element to practice brings changes to my climbing. Been doing a similar thing for years .

When I say I am stronger with bent elbows I mean I can exert more force in the 90° position than I can with a straight or slightly bent arm. I do not have the figures. I was tested two years on the bounce and this trend continues even as both figures increased.

Another comment from my appraisal were that I am strong. The coach (Alex stiger) and I talked as I rarely think I am that strong.

I do not know if strength is a factor here.
Watching video I can see how my elbows flare, not so much above my shoulders though.

Okay i get it. I always thought it‘s normal that you have different levels of strength in different positions.A quick google brought up this:

It‘s not exactly the same but proves a difference.

Personally i‘d try to see it as movement quality when it occurs while climbing

No chance right now to read the article.
The coach assessment was movement focused and the resolution was movement focused AND no issue was seen with shoulders or scapula strength.
8 sessions was the magic number where things change or one notices changes.

Working on it in my warm ups. This is where I introduce skills or work on skills. That is 6 bloques a session and as many as 5sessions a week.

I am blinded by science.

Now I wonder about the veracity of hanging mostly straight arm. (Or barely off -straight)

I have been pulling for two months long training bloques with no hanging and have got stronger in my max weight hang (20mm 10sec)
My pulling is often from the floor or horizontally and as such I am using way more positions than a simple hanging protocol would give me

Perhaps it’s time to revisit Frenchie Friday‼️
Thanks, the paper was relevant and informative and I have a new toy‼️

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