Stuck at a grade podcast

Hello power company community.

I am trying to remember which podcast discussed people being stuck at a specific grade for a long period of time. For example I can do every v7 in the gym or bouldering area very quickly (within a session) but send nearly zero V8 or harder and if I do send one it takes 3 or more sessions. This is not from lack of trying them and I assume this might be a mental hurdle for me but not fully sure what is going on. I vaguely remember a podcast that discussed this very issue and I would like to relisten but don’t remember which one it was. Anyone remember which podcast this was? If you have any other advice on this let me know I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

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I cant remember the spcific one, it comes upmoften though.

3 sessions is ok though,

Whats the easiest grade that you struggle with? Is there a style you avoid. Work at that.

How often do you spend time projecting, working over many sessions? Could there be something your needing to learn or develop by projecting more?

And the ones you do send, do they have anything in common?

Just a few questions but run through them and see if theres anything you need to change up within your sessions.

In short i’d say most plateaus are broken through changing habits/being honest with yourself about what climbs you avoid and why.


Great questions and advice I will think on those. Thanks!

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We have a patron episode coming next week that might be discuss some of what you’re looking for!


Looking forward to hearing it.