The golden bullet thats not the only bullet

I know this was covered in a PSA, but wanted to see the communties thoughts.

Tim emmet, shared his partial rom pullet record recently. And in my dms was a what do i think? Message.

They reference the point tjay Tim says that a climber did this at thier peak. As if that was the only reason the climber was at thier peak

Theres many examples, Dave Mccleod been keto, honnold being vegan., normally these golden bullets are one round of many bullets that made the success.

Whats your process for filtering the false golden bullets or reading between the lines?

I like this podcast on the topic…

Usually-> save it for later(probably you need to focus on something else at the moment anyway).If it‘s then still the shiny special thing it‘s maybe wort thinking about it and do some research or even giving it a try. But most of the time it turns out to be just something else that might do something , when the initiate excitement settles down🤷🏽

I think it helps to be aware of the boring truth that things are pretty basic most of the time and usually nothings gonna work overnight.


I just take no single piece of advice as a standalone thing. Nothing we do happens in a vacuum. If I hear someone say something that I’m either not familiar with or contradicts my own experience, and I want to know more, I look back at their history to see where they were previously.

I’ll check that podcast out!

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I outline some thoughts in this old episode as well, that garnered me some hate mail from Climbing Magazine. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’m a big fan of this method too. I’ve been climbing and training long enough that I’m fine waiting two years to see how shiny that golden bullet is once it’s been tried by a large group of people for a sufficient amount of time. Will I miss out on potential gains from that 1 in 50 method that actually turns out to be good? Yes. But I’ll make far more progress overall by not wasting my time chasing the other 49 things.

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Thats how i feel about it, usually im skeptic and criticise every method for a little while first.

Usually things come along while im trianing, and i like to keep with the plan to see if it works. This usually gives me a time to consider the golden bullet.

I always enjoy the anecdotal golden bullets, where the conversation starts with the golden bullet, by the end you have a huge list of surrounding factors.

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Being actively in a plan certainly helps, and I honestly think being a coach has helped me be more skeptical too. When I only trained myself it was way easier to want to try everything new. Now that I’m responsible for other people it’s a lot easier to see these new fancy things more objectively and honestly consider how they would fit into a holistic plan.

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Nuggets / golden bullets…

I have to find them first, so gotta be digging or receptive. They can come from anywhere‼️

I have to be in the right time and place, the right nugget might come around tomorrow and I will not be ready to execute on it till next year.

I have practiced adding new shit into my process. Often by fucking up. This process is now easier even though I am a total magpie.
Either skill or mindset or physical nuggets have been successfully integrated . This is the most important, making a new thing a thing. It can be done without disruption.
Having a solid training plan helps here., 'spesh for physical nuggets ie. Isometrics. My warm up is the skills / practice arena. Adding new coaching or mindset or philosophical shennanigans is more nebulous.


I have not found a GOLDEN BULLET. Small things which shift the process .