Tick marks on your shoes

Just watched this video with Dave Graham and this part blew my mind: 48 Hrs With Dave Graham: The Wizard Is Psyched | Climbing Daily Ep.1938 - YouTube

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I’ve definitely used this. Really useful for toehooks too, especially if you have some of those shoes where the toe rubber is oddly shaped.

Sometimes I find that having the specific spot on the shoe marked isn’t necessary, sometimes any part of your toe will you do and just need confidence. But also, for sure sometime you have to have the right spot on and this works wonders (assuming you can see your feet that well).

10/10 wizardry endorsement.


The one time that I’ve done this, I had my proudest send to date: a v6 slab boulder in the rain. Sometimes the littlest things make a huge difference. It’s something that I wish I did more often, honestly