Training age

What is is really how and how can we be more specific.
For me it’s broadly two categories.
The training we undertake of our own recognizance, such as building a skating portfolio or training for a long endurance cycle race.
The training we are given , such as that of the martial arts of football in high school.
I dunno about a more precise definition than this.

When we train ourselves we emarknonnam understanding of the nuts and bolts
When we ate trained the focus is on results whether solo or for the team.

Having trained in a lot of sports from martial arts to Rugby and climbing to cycling I have been able to take bits even from the activities I was trained in. This has fleshed out the training age I have. I dunno that I would take any credit though. Seeing things from the view of different sports has allowed me to see the sometimes stark often subtle differences. In practice and givens.

A cool place to be.
I think though , for me, the most important part is the self training, where I have really had to knuckle down and learn.

What are your thoughts on training age, your experience❓