Training in the Field

Hi All, I’m and outdoor education teacher so I spend a lot of time in the field camping and away from normal training facilities. Normally my trips are 4-5 days so I normally think if it like a deload and don’t worry about training or maintaining strength.

I’m heading off on a three week trip soon, and I’m wondering how to best maintain some climbing strength while I’m gone.

I’ve got the lattice bar, and I could probably bring a theraband or something. Needless to say, I don’t have a lot of time each day, but I’m pretty motivated so I’m sure I’ll find a little time!

I’ve got some ideas, but don’t want to skew answers. How would you approach this scenario? Could even be a good thought experiment for yourself to think about what is essential!

I‘d do the same basic minimum i try to do year round. Just a few hangs and few pullups whenever i feel like doing it ,but once weekly at least…

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For me, it depends on what the weeks prior looked like and what’s coming up after. If a full cycle is coming up, I might even rest and just make sure I’m doing other physical things.
There’s a lot made about how quickly we begin to detrain, but those studies are all based on metrics, not performance. Pretty normal to take a month off and perform exactly the same after a couple of sessions back.
If I NEEDED to keep strength up, I’d probably only worry about fingers and just stay physical otherwise.


I’m gonna focus on push ups and shoulder mobility. Two big weaknesses for me. Seems like a good opportunity to rest the fingers!