Training with a low body injury?


has anyone had a lot of success training with a lower body injury?

I sprained an ankle pretty badly two weeks ago. I can walk on it again now, and I might be able to climb a bit soon, but I don’t think I am going to want to fall on it for quite a while.

obviously there is hang boarding, has anyone tried hanging 4 days per week while injured? it seams like a lot.

I was also thinking about campus ladders with my good foot on the ground.

does anyone else have interesting ideas?

Low to the ground, steep limit level boulders where you can just land on your back are perfect.

4 days a week isn’t a bad thing if you keep the volume pretty low session to session, or have a session of much lower intensity, moderate volume. Just depends what you want out of it.

I had knee surgery a couple years ago and spent the initial phase hang boarding and really focusing on heavy weighted pull ups and dips.

Once I could move around a bit I pretty quickly started climbing in the gym but never high at all unless I felt like I was in complete control.

Like kris said a lot of limit moves really close to the ground.

I really didn’t ‘lose’ as much as I was worried I was going to when I was contemplating the surgery

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Hitting the gym

Just tweaked my hip quite badly yesterday. Already thinking how many different things i can try, few ideas:

  • holding static positions on my projects 2 arms on bad holds or 1 arm on better holds.
  • “projecting” beastmaker 45 slopers
  • experimenting with no hangs finger training lifting weight from the ground to add some novelty to finger training
  • getting a gentle introduction to campus training cuz i have never had a campus session

I’m getting a double hip surgery this year, which means no climbing for a few months. I’m tempted to ask my gym to put up 2 bolts at the top of the campus board, I could then rope solo campus my way up and abseil down, all without the risk of falling so my hips are safe and can heal :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s an incredibly silly idea, but I’ve never used the campus board before and I thought this could be the perfect excuse to give it a go. Of course making sure I don’t injure my fingers, because that would make me extra sad.

Do you have autobelay? Some gyms have it on 10 degree wall which makes it quite campuseable!