Traversing mobility and strength

I have identified a very specific weakness of lateral movement while hanging in a one arm position with only one foot on. I’ve noticed this on several traverse boulders recently (kryptonite V8 at Lincoln and Tale of the Dragon V10 at Wild Basin) where I can’t transfer my weight over when moving from right to left.

My first reaction is that I need to strengthen my lats. However it also feels like there’s something mobility related as well in rotating my shoulder. Does anyone have suggestions for improving this specific movement and strengthening this musical group? So far I’ve incorporated inverted rows and have been recreating similar movements on a spray wall.

Sounds like you’re doing the right things. I suspect a little of it has to do with the sequence of events that needs to happen (engage the scapula, bend the elbow, pull with the toe, slide the hip - or is it slide the hips, pull with the toe, THEN engage the scapula, etc). I’d probably spend some time trying to decipher that on relatively easy to moderate terrain on a spray wall.
Fun to have these specific things to work on!

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Interesting. I also struggle to pull through while campussing which, after watching videos, I think is also partially a result of poor scalpula engagement, so there’s probably something there. It is pretty fun to target these specific things! I’m moving past “I need to get better at everything” and onto “I need to get better at everything, and in order to do that I need to get better at these specific things”.

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