Using a mistake to break through a barrier

Have you ever:

  • climbed a route and thought it was a different grade and used that to break through a barrier. Holy crap, I CAN climb 5.x and then you carried it forward?

  • or, more to the situation I experienced the other day. I climbed a route, I sent it. I DEFINITELY did the moves in a much more difficult way then the intended beta. So, lessons to learn there for sure. But…I DID it clean. I am trying to parlay this into a positive and use it to give me confidence to give harder things a go.

obviously the answer is simple, go give it a try, work out safety and tactics, gear (i am a trad climber), make sure it is reasonable and give it a go, this experience proves you can try harder, give it a go. But that being said, I was wondering if anyone had direct experience with what I am describing.

I had a fairly similar experience earlier on with my first 12b onsight (which had felt like a big barrier for some time). The route is now considered entry-level 12a, but by onsighting that route at that time it convinced me I had made it to that level. That opened the floodgates for me, and led to a big year of progress.

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thanks Nate!! Appreciate the reply.