What Are you Listening To?

Y’all listen to music outside of training and climbing. So what are some of y’all’s favorites (present, past, and guilty pleasures) that keep you grooving?

I’ll start:

Present - Nick Shoulders - Arkansas country boi with catchy tunes that remind me of the beautiful culture and scenery of the South (not that he’s sung about it yet, but have any of y’all been too Horseshoe Canyon/competed in 24HHH?)

Past - MF DOOM - On my mind partially because of @Kris FA of ALL CAPS, but this artists album Operation Doomsday was my introduction to underground hip-hop, and who also remains one of my all-time favorite artists.

Guilty Pleasure - Young Thug - I dunno, I just enjoy his music despite the typical mainstream misogyny/consumerist/whatevs. His production and beats just jive with me when I’m trying to get hyped up for a good ol try-hard attempt.

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Have you seen his video for Wyclef Jean? Certainly one of the best videos ever made.


I’ve been on a Kendrick kick lately. I’m an album listener usually. GKMC was on repeat for a few days and I just switched to DAMN. Turns out I never really gave DAMN the spins it deserves because DNA was so ridiculously good I had a hard time getting past it.

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@Shudson have you listened to the No Skips podcast?

I really like the new Young Thug album but I’ve been a fan for awhile

I spend a lot of time at work operating machines, books on tape are great for it. I’ll listen to just about anything but really like the long fantasy series for the full escape from farming and climbing

Wheel of time and discworld were great.

If anyone has any rec’s for books that are good to listen to, I’d be psyched. Climbing/training related or not

I’ve actually been reading some of the discworld series to my wife, out loud, at night.

Oh man, MM FOOD is one of my favorite hip hop albums of all time. It never gets old.

It’s Halloween-time though, so I’m doing my annual re-listen of one of the best metal albums ever recorded (imo). Super atmospheric, great riffs, incredible growls.

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@Kris I hadn’t seen the video for Wyclef Jean until you posted, but that is absolutely stunning :rofl:. And also the most Young Thug thing I can imagine. I almost saw him perform at a festival right after JEFFREY came out, but he began his set over an hour late and by then I was long gone to other artists. Allegedly, he was backstage the whole time being a diva/superstar/insisting the crowd wasn’t big enough for him lol.

I also like to listen to entire albums! My wife doesn’t understand how I can listen to the same artist for so long, but there’s something about treating an album like a book, listening from start to finish, that is just so satisfying. Not to mention, I always find a few favorite songs that aren’t listed amongst the artist’s most popular. Not sure if this is irony or not, but I don’t really like listening to DNA as a standalone song, but I love it as the intro to DAMN haha.

Just finished the first episode of No Skips! The hosts had me laughing more than once, so I’m definitely going to dig into this one, thanks! Have you listened to Louder Than a Riot? Spotify

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@maxdtaylor I haven’t had a chance to the newest Young Thug yet. I’ll give it a listen today!

@Mark duuuude I know!!! Operation: Doomsday was my intro to DOOM, but I must have picked up a copy of Mm Food less than a week later.

I’m just gunna leave this here…

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@Shudson yeah, Louder Than A Riot was fantastic. Plus, something about Sydney Madden’s voice holds me captive.

Jinx (from No Skips) also hosted the most recent season of Mogul, about DJ Screw, which is great. If you haven’t heard season 1 of Mogul, also a must listen.

@Shudson @Mark and any other DOOM fans, this episode of Bandsplain with Open Mike Eagle talking about DOOM is really great.

lol @Shudson I’ve seen this - still makes me laugh

@Kris I’ll definitely have to give this a listen - he was such an interesting guy