What/how to train for a trip to Squamish (Sport Climbing)

Headed to BC this Aug/Sept and wondering what to train/how to prepare. I was there in 2017 but only got a couple days in and was climbing at a much lower level and had not trained seriously yet.

Wondering what to incorporate into my spring/summer cycle that would help me climb well.

Cheers and thanks!

This is a really tricky question to answer! As a climber living in Vancouver, I have yet to figure out what, if anything, the dominant style of sport climbing in Squamish is.

In my experience, there’s a good balance of many different styles from hard slabs to steeper climbing with good holds. There are climbs with tricky sloper crux’s and crimpy endurance routes.

Overall, I’d say the style is generally quite technical. Making the most out of bad feet, getting sequences right sums up a lot of the sport climbing I have done.

Have you looked at any particular crags or routes? That might help you to get more specific with your training :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve been trying to get a WWHTT episode scheduled with a couple of strong locals, but it hasn’t planned out yet. Stay tuned!

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What sort of climbing do you want to do in Squamish?
I have found the sport climbing and bouldering to often have pretty different styles. Them the trad climbing can be another beast all together. you are going to need to train very differently if you want to climb the Grandwall or Freeway than you would to boulder in the forests.

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The WWHTT series is one of my favorites! The ten Sleep episode came out at exactly the right time for me and I can’t wait to see where else you’ve got coming up. Always fun to hear the locals be stoked on their area

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