What's the difference between the Ebook or Proven Plan formats?

While the program content itself is the same, the main difference is the delivery method.

EBOOKS are PDF files - with three components:

  • The Program - the actual programming content.
  • Exercise List - provides detailed instructions and video links for every exercise
  • Tracking Logs - printable logs that you may choose to track your sessions.

While you may view these files on your mobile device using an app (such as Gumroad, the platform that hosts our Ebooks), Ebooks DO NOT give you access to our Power Company Climbing mobile training app.

PROVEN PLANS give you access to the Power Company Climbing mobile training app. Here you’ll see the program’s content in weekly blocks, that progress in real-time. Each week’s assigned sessions will have the instructional videos for each exercise right in the app. You’ll also have the option to interactively log and track your sessions. You can chat with other climbers in a coach-moderated Group Chat - a great place to ask questions about your training program.
If you opt for coach communication, you’ll have access to a direct messaging feature to chat with your coach.

Every Proven Plan purchase INCLUDES a copy of the same program’s Ebook!