What's the ONE thing you most need to do NOW to reach your goals?

Spinning off of the recent post about what you’ve done in the past - but what aren’t you yet doing that you need to do?

For me it’s easy. I need to start putting focused time into the project now that I’ve found a perfect candidate. I’m on my way to Red Rock for 10 days, and I think I’ll try and finish out my “get current” for the season with a few harder boulders so that I can come home and get to work.


I need to start working on my mental game. I’m a cognitive psychologist with some knowledge about sports psychology, but I’m reaching the point where I realise knowledge isn’t the same as ability :slight_smile:

So I’m going to deal with the fear of falling when lead climbing (fear of losing control in my case, the fall itself is always fine), as well as deal with focussing ('m distracted lately). Finally, I want to practise an on/off switch. I primarely boulder, so I’m usually “on”. I tend to overgrip and breath powerfully. I want to get good at going from smooth flowy climbing to powerful full effort climbing and back.


Might help to think of it as a dial rather than a switch. There’s a lot of necessary effort between off and on.

I know you said one but I have two things I need to do right now. One very practical and the other a bit more abstract.

I need to buy a 12 ft collapsible ladder. One of my main goals for the season is a pretty tall boulder with committing moves at the top and a tough mantle. It’s a grade im fairly confident in and it’s on style but I’ll have a much better chance of sending if I can brush, tick and feel the holds. Right now I’m fairly intimidated

The other is that I need to be way more patient. I run a farm and have a 5 year old and my ‘season’ doesn’t really start until December. I should still be building momentum and setting myself up for positive experiences. I don’t really have the mental or physical capacity for hard projects at the moment but I find myself jumping the gun a bit.

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2 things:

  1. Finger strength needs improvement. I’m about 2 standard deviations lower than the pcc averages for the grade I want to climb. I think getting stronger fingers could potentially unlock a few boulders and routes for me.

  2. The 2nd tier routes. I find myself spending the majority of my time doing stuff that’s hard for me (5.12b) or things that are on the onsight/flash level (5.11b/c). But when it comes to those routes that are in the middle: too hard to send in one day but that I feel ‘oh if I just didnt mess that move up, I would’ve done it’, I don’t take them seriously enough to actually come back and finish them. So it becomes ‘yeah I could’ ve done that route, it just wasn’t that important to me’. Well, I drew my pyramid a couple of weeks ago and it turns out I have a big hole in it, where I’ve done a couple 12b’s but I haven’t actually done 12a.


Embracing the ladder and doing tall things on TR was a big one for me as well.


To get physically healthy. Bronchitis has turned the start of my hueco training cycle into a total shit show. I don’t know when I’ll feel well enough to start again and it’s really frustrating/ feels like I’m losing valuable time. On the plus side hopefully that means I won’t get sick on my tip??


“You need to climb on the grade to send the grade”