When will my plan begin?

If you purchase an EBOOK: you’ll receive a message with download instructions shortly after completing your purchase. You can begin your training whenever you like!

If you purchase a PROVEN PLAN or CUSTOM PLAN: you will receive an email (within 1-2 business days from time of purchase) containing all that you’ll need to get started - including links to download our mobile app, sign a digital waiver, and fill out an initial consultation form.

Proven Plans begin with a brief introductory phase, usually lasting about a week or so, to help you get acclimated with using the app. The first phase of your training will begin after this introductory phase, on a Monday. Your program will then progress weekly in real-time.

Custom Plans begin with an initial assessment phase, usually lasting about 2 weeks, to allow you to submit some initial baseline measurements which will help your coach in creating a plan specific to your needs and goals.