Where to climb? East coast, Thanksgiving week/weekend

I’m in western New York, new to the east coast, and planning my first trip down to the general region of the New/Red/etc over Thanksgiving next week. However, things are looking kind of cold and possibly wet. We’re up for driving up to 13ish hours each way, as we have about a week to spend on the road. I’ve been eyeing the weather at the New, the Red, and the Obed (in that order of warmth and driving distance).

My partner and I are primarily sport climbers, project in the low 5.12 range (but haven’t been outside much since we moved to New York in August, so we’ll probably be looking to get some 5.10 volume and some 5.11 mini projects to get our heads back on straight and learn the new rock), and are looking for places with sunny, (leashed, well trained) dog friendly crags and reasonably priced van-camping nearby.

Any suggestions other than the three mentioned above, or specific beta with regards to camping/climbing/food/dogs/etc? My current plan is to just keep an eye on the weather and wing it when we leave next Tuesday afternoon, heading to whichever of those three seems warmest and driest.

Update: we’re probably going to the New, at least for the first chunk of our week. The weather is looking promising, and it’s significantly closer (7 hours vs 11). Would love any sunny crag beta if folks have it! Planning to camp at the AAC campground.

Can’t go wrong at Endless wall. Kaymoor gets a bit more sun now that the trees are out. The lake proper and whipporwill/long point are good too. Have a great time the NRG is hands down the best sandstone on the PLANET.