Worst Trait in a Climbing Partner?

We put out a new Patron episode about this today, with Nate and I picking what we feel are the worst traits. But I’m curious - what are the worst traits you see?

Worst trait is probably safety, I’ve been belayed by lots of people who refused to keep their hand on the break strand of the rope. Even when they use a grigri it doesn’t make me feel safe, and it turns the climb into an ordeal.

Other things I don’t like: being loud / macho. Toxic personality (bringing everyone down with negativity). Entitlement (everyone should contribute their fair share; financially, in terms of support, or even doing the dishes when sharing an accommodation). People who give up before they even try. People who don’t include others. Not respecting the rock or nature. Taking unnecessary risk (a broken ankle means others have to carry you out).

That said, I’ve had fun with people who’ve had multiple of those traits haha
I’m surrounded by amazing people, but sometimes they’re not an option. Then I tell myself that beggars can’t be choosers :stuck_out_tongue:


By the way I really enjoyed this episode, I double checked to make sure I’m not guilty of any of those traits. Definitely a topic worthy of reflection!

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Outside of safety and no consideration for the environment they’re in… It would just be someone who seems to conspire to bring out the worst version of yourself: sandbagging, negativity energy, selfishness etc

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Safety seems obvious, after that I would say supportiveness, as well as openness to feedback.

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Oh man, I can definitely be the person who is too interested in their own climbing sometimes! I’m lucky I have partners who call me on it! Yes, I’m working on being less of an asshole!

I’d say people who don’t take care of themselves are my biggest pet peeve. Climbing partners who show up without adequate snacks and water, haven’t slept enough, are hungover, etc. If you can’t do those basics, you’re gonna be a bad partner.


The 2 that bug me the most are:
Not communicating that you have to be home by noon until we’re at the trailhead.
Giving a safe belay but not doing anything to help the climber get back to their high bolt after falling besides passively pulling in slack.

I was listening to that episode during a workout. I was about to pull onto the wall and had to stop and chalk back up after the story about the girl who got taken off belay at the top of Mona Lisa Overdrive.


Oh man. It was nerve wracking.

The worst trait in my eyes is someone who is on a different climbing wave than you. For me, I feel like when my energy and intensity are matched by someone it is multiplied. I climb my hardest with people who are trying to get stronger. When I’m with a partner who’s just chilling and having fun, that’s my attitude even when I know I have goals I’m not being intense enough to reach.

Nothing wrong with just having fun, but I need to climb with people who can keep a fire burning and add fuel to the flames.


Spot on Zoidberg!