Wrist Wrench?


I saw an IG post recently where Kris noted great success using a Wrist Wrench for climbers that had wrist pain from sloper climbing.

I have wrist issues with my TFCC that I tape for and this helps a lot. Slopers can also be a problem after a while.

Does anyone else have experience using this tool?

It seams like it should work flexion and extension at the wrist equally well? Also seam like a I can use my Tension flash board to do the exact same thing, has anyone tried this?

thank you

Hi McD,
I use a home made wrist wrench and feel like it’s helping on slopers.

I usually add it to my fingerboard and pinch sessions, I’ll do them last as it taxes the forearms.

I do sets of 4 reps, following a protocol from Yves Gravelle.

Hope this helps

You can sort of do the same thing with the Flash Board. Not quite the same torque, but similar.

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A solid suggestion that I had not considered! I have been contemplating making a wrist wrench but I might just see how this feels first with my Flash Board. Thanks for the innovative workaround!

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I have the same one Yves as using in that video. I believe it’s the largest diameter from arm assasin. I like it a lot and it’s my favorite way to work the wrist and I’ve used it for rehab. However I don’t feel like it’s strictly necessary but an appreciated luxury and I find it a lot more fun than wrist curls personally.


I trained for armwrestilng for 4 years where wrist wrench is kinda your bread and butter exercise for the ability to “curl” your opponent. What i can say is that for bigger diameters like 80mm+ wrist wrenches if you go heavy you need the pipe to have a good texture, and crushing that with your fingers might compromise your skin for the next climbing day.

Also, curling the weight you can`t control well might force you too much ulnar deviation that in turn can aggravate some wrist nerve problems, like cubital tunnel, which interestingly enough shares symptoms with golfers elbow. So curling reasonable weight “through index and middle” is a good mental cue to avoid that problem.


As we are talking, there is another post from Tyler Nelson Login • Instagram about effectiveness of wrist wrench for loading tennis elbow

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After talking to Tyler Nelson about this tool’s potential role in both general strength and rehabilitation, I figured it would be worth getting one. I also appreciate your pointing out the potential for injury with too much radial/ulnar deviation, and using weight that is reasonably controllable.

So I recently made the jump and bought the Arm Assassin 2-3/8" Wrist Wrench (standard grip model). After using it for a couple of weeks now, I’m liking the protocol Yves has laid out (4 sets x 4 sets) for max strength.

As someone who has had some wrist issues with “popping” on bulbous open-handed slopers, this specific device is the first I’ve found to target the exact strength deficit in my own case. It was immediately noticeable to me that it was working this weakness of mine.

Although they look similar in function, the unilateral loading of the wrench feels much more active than something like the rolling thunder handle, or doing flexor curls with fat-grips on dumbbells (both methods I’ve used in the past).

The wrench is much more challenging than anything else for this sloper-esque type of wrist stability. For reference, I can load the rolling thunder with 90-100lbs on a good day and the wrench at ~60lbs so far.

I’ll come back to this thread after a few more months of consistent training and try to give an even better long-term review, but I’m really enjoying progressing with it so far.


I made and toyed around with several versions, up to 6” diameter. The loading is definitely different, and potentially more applicable to the really big Slopers, as you don’t get nearly as much of the control from the finger flexors as you do with the smaller diameters.

That style is my strength though, and I’ve never felt wrist soreness from sloper climbing, so I’m unlikely to get any real benefit from it, and didn’t play with it for long.


I can’t imagine a 6" version. Is that even possible to hold?

I pulled out my wrist wrench last night to mess around with. I actually really like using it to warm up but forgot how well it works for me. Maybe an odd sounding use for it but I have trouble warming up my fingers and don’t even really like touching edges until I’m already warmed up. Doing jumping jacks, pullups, hangboard, whatever don’t really work well. What I do really like is these large diameter no hang devices like the wrist wrench or rolling thunder type. They don’t make my pulleys feel tweaky and I can pull pretty heavy with them early on which for me really helps getting blood to my hands and feeling warm.

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I’ve been using a wrist wrench as part of my warm up and it has definitely helped with elbow pain that I was having. 3x 30sec each way as per a c4hp post on Insta from tyler